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Rachel Love will play the Glas-Goes-Pop festival which is happening Fri 5th & Sat 6th Aug, 2022. Tickets and full details below. An indie pop happening in the historic Glasgow University Union Debate Chambers in the heart of the West End of Glasgow.

If you're a fan of classic indie pop, you'll know the important part Glasgow played in the evolution of this timeless and steadfast genre. It is with utmost pleasure that we welcome and bring together these seminal and illustrious names to Glas-Goes Pop.

Confirmed so far, in no particular order:

Close Lobsters

The June Brides

David Christian (Comet Gain)

Rachel Love

Pete Astor

The Catenary Wires

Davey Woodward & the Winter Orphans

Jetstream Pony

Swansea Sound

The Orchids

Papernut Cambridge


Chris Geddes (Belle & Sebastian)

Gerry Love (Lightships)

Andrew (Track & Field, Deck 7)

Full program still to be confirmed.

There are restaurants and takeaways near the venue, but meal tickets will be offered for each evening for those who don't want to miss any of the action. A simple finger buffet of vegetarian/vegan sandwiches/wraps and sides will be available for £6 per day. Pre-order only, not available on the night.


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