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About Rachel Love

Rachel Love started her musical career as guitarist and singer in Dolly Mixture. The band formed in 1978 when she was 15 with friends Debsey Wykes and Hester Smith. They shared a love of sixties harmonies and punk rock!

Dolly Mixture were championed by John Peel and signed to Paul Wellers Respond records. They toured extensively supporting bands such as Bad Manners, the Jam, the Undertones and Fun Boy Three. They also sang backing vocals for Captain Sensible on his solo records and ended up singing on Top of the Pops with him and went all around Europe to do various TV shows. They released four singles and a double album of all their demos. After they disbanded there was also a record of instrumental music called the Fireside EP.

Rachel left to have a family with the Captain and put music to one side for a few years. In the mid 90’s she joined a couple of Brighton bands. One demo reached the ears of record producer Steve Lovell. He signed them to his production company and ended up producing Rachel's solo songs as well. Rachel and Steve later married and had a son, so music was put on the back burner again.


In 2015 Rachel and Steve put out an Album called ‘First’ under the name ‘The Purple Pudding Clause’ For the next album, ‘Love and All That’ they changed their name to Spelt. They released their third album in 2019, ‘Indistinct Chatter’. Rachel had started writing on her own again and Steve suggested putting out a solo album and thought Rachel Love would be a good name. He produced it and released 2 singles at the beginning of 2021. Two of their boys had been at home during lockdown and as they are both musicians, contributed by playing some guitar, bass and backing vocals. The Album was all ready to release when Steve was taken very ill and passed away in March. The Album ‘Picture in Mind’ was eventually released in October. Rachel is currently working on her next album.

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